Divorce is generally a painful time for a couple, as they go through a legal method for ending their marital union and changing the responsibilities of each person. When there are minor children in the family, the split can be very stressful and even contentious in some cases.

Murray Law Office

The Murray Law Office, located in Conway, AR, provides divorce services to clients across the state. We offer affordable flat fees to couples who are going through a truly uncontested divorce that does not require an appearance in court. For more complex or difficult divorces, we are ready to fight for your objectives in court to gain the child custody, alimony or property divisions you seek.

Attorney Chris T. Murray

Many divorces handled by Attorney Chris T. Murray involve complex issues that require in-depth legal experience to manage successfully. He is well-known in Arkansas as a hard-working professional who cares about his clients and their families. Chris is always accessible to clients and he lives up to his reputation as a reliable, honest lawyer that clients can count on to stand up for their rights. He understands the concerns that parents have when minor children are part of the family and need to have their interests protected.

Divorce Attorney

Each party in a divorce needs their own divorce attorney for best results. Chris T. Murray is an experienced divorce attorney who also welcomes working with couples in mediation to iron out disagreements over child custody, alimony, division of property and other complex divorce issues. Finding solutions when people are caught up in the emotional turbulence of a marital split can be difficult, but Chris knows how to work around the anger and disagreements.

Divorce is often the best decision for a couple, but the second best decision is finding the right attorney to stand with you through this process. Get ready to make progress, solve disagreements and move forward, so you and your children can again enjoy life. Contact the Murray Law Office in Conway Arkansas now for highly qualified and affordable advice, counsel or legal representation for your divorce. Call Chris T. Murray at (501) 425-8277.

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